Welcome to Support Orphaned Gorillas Directory and Listing Site that bring to you the Great list of African and international organizations that have played a key role in the conservation of the Gorillas. we list Gorilla Safari Companies that have played a key role and returns to the Gorilla Conservation projects that are initiated by different organizations .

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Helping Gorilla in Bwindi is mainly done by the Gorilla Doctors which is an International Organization that is know for the conservation of the Gorillas through Treatment of the Gorillas in Ugandan National Parks of Bwindi and Mgahinga National park .Mgahinga National Park is part of the Virunga Massif Gorilla Trekking Region, but Bwindi is the only destination for Gorilla Trekking that is not located with in the Virunga Massif and its located in the South western Uganda with four different sections of the forest for Gorilla Trekking Adventure , Book a Gorilla Safari in Uganda from 3 Days Gorilla Trek Uganda to enjoy Gorilla Visit to Bwindi Impenetrable National park..

Gorilla Doctors last did the Mountain Gorilla Census in the Year of 2011 when they published that the census project was under way. According to the Article Bwindi Gorilla Census.

Virunga Orphan Gorillas

Rwanda SafarisVisit Virunga is the organization that partner with the Gorilla Doctors to have a project that is called Helping Orphaned Gorillas. Virunga National Park has opened up the Organization called Senkwekwe Orphan Gorilla Center that has made more efforts for the conservation of the Mountain Gorillas in Congo, Wishing to go for Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Congo, Try these Gorilla Safari companies that offer contributions to the Conservation of the Virunga National Park like 7 Days Congo Gorilla Safari,4 Days Congo Gorilla Tour .

Orphan Gorillas In Volcanoes Rwanda.

In Volcanoes National Park which is the home to the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda , Orphan Gorillas are taken Care of by the International Organizations and Local Broad of Rwanda Development Broad that is responsible for the Gorilla Trekking Activity. Gorilla Doctors and Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project (MGVP) which are all non profit organizations that offer help to the Orphan Gorillas in the Region and the Virunga Massif.

Find Rwanda Safari Specialists that have personate Knowledge about Mountain Gorilla Conservation and Offering gorilla Safaris in Rwanda like 7 Days Rwanda primate Safari,5 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari Holiday to Enjoy Gorilla Safari Experience in Rwanda. Book Rwanda Safaris with Experienced Tour Companies in Rwanda to guide the Volcano Safaris Holiday.

Senkwekwe Center is the only facility for critically endangered orphan mountain gorillas in the world, located in Virunga National Park, or Visitvirunga.org Democratic Republic of Congo. Each gorilla suffered a traumatic poaching experience, injuries from snares, and/or losing their mothers in brutal killings. Now they are looked after by loving caretakers in a large forested enclosure with a night house and veterinarian facilities. Dont Miss under taking a Gorilla Safari in Rwanda to watch the primates in Africa on 7 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari

For Lowland Gorillas in Congo there is an organization by names of Grace( Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Educational Centre) that is based in Congo and is the only centre that hubs the Orphan Lowland Gorillas. its near Kahuzi Biega National Park in Congo which is the home for Eastern Lowland Gorillas  and Popular Safari Specialists have been offering Gorilla Safaris like 4 Days Congo Gorilla Safaris.

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Gorilla Saver, is a free online Travel directory that offers updates and news about Both Mountain Gorillas and Lowland Gorillas in Congo and Several others include Saveagorilla.org, Gorilla Fund, Gorillacd.org,A Gorilla,Uganda Wildlife Authority and Rwanda Development Broad.